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Like a premature pimple, a potential feud between the diabolically cheerful JoJo Siwa and the simply diabolical Candace Cameron Bure is throbbing under the surface of pop culture’s skin. Just pop already!

To recap, Siwa posted a TikTok Sunday in which she silently dished dirt on her fellow celebrities by quickly flashing her phone and showing pictures of various celebs under various captions. Miley Cyrus is, according to Siwa, the nicest celebrity she’s met. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Her celebrity crush is Zendaya (get in line, Siwa!) and Elton John is the coolest celeb she’s met. And then there is Bure, who Siwa deemed the “rudest” celeb she’s ever met.

Intriguing! What happened and did it take place during the taping of the Christmas-themed episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show on which Siwa and Bure both appeared in 2019? We don’t know. All we have so far is a flash of Siwa’s iPhone, but that was enough to command headlines on celebrity gossip sites across the web. That’s power. My Siwa is an awesome Siwa.

Meanwhile, in a move that could be a response to Siwa or just a church lady doing church lady shit, Bure posted a quote from Isaiah 26:4 on her Instagram stories. “Trust the Lord always,” it reads.

Image for article titled Candace Cameron Bure Shares Bible Verse After JoJo Siwa Calls Her the ‘Rudest’ Celeb

Do you know who I trust? JoJo Siwa! She’s relentlessly upbeat, so much so that I’m kind of exhausted from the thinking about her that putting together this post has required. When Justin Bieber told her on social media to “burn” the car she received for Christmas in 2018 that had her face airbrushed on its hood, she responded by calling him “bro.” I think about that a lot. She had a sense of humor about a troll and had the good sense not to let on that she took Bieber’s comment personally if, in fact, she did. (She probably didn’t.)

Bure, meanwhile, has feuded with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Bianca Del Rio, who called Bure homophobic after she posted herself wearing a T-shirt with Del Rio’s signature phrase, “Not today Satan.” (Bure had defended a bakery’s decision to refuse baking a cake for a lesbian wedding on The View in 2015. It’s probably worth mentioning here that Siwa is gay.) Bure also claps back a lot at mean comments people leave on her social media. She is capable of aggressive self-righteousness, as you might expect from someone who in her Instagram bio lists “sister in Christ” as the third of the many hats she wears, two spots above “DJ Tanner,” the character she played on Full House and literally the only reason like 95 percent of us know who she is. She is a current employee of Great American Country Media (GAC), the Hallmark Channel rival station that has been described as “Trump adjacent.”

Bure has proven confrontational in the past, which is probably why a lot of outlets have framed her Isaiah quote as a response to Siwa. But it is not at all yet clear that the quote was so directed, and we will certainly be keeping an eye on this extremely important story. Honestly, I’m disappointed in Bure but not exactly surprised. Not (yet?) taking Siwa’s bait? For all of us out here who want a show, that’s pretty rude!

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